How to assign a trendline to only one trace, or assign different trendlines to different traces, in the same plot?

Hi, I am plotting a simple scatter plot with two y-axis variables (individual traces). I would like to fit a "trendline=“ols” to only one of the traces. Is that possible?

import pandas as pd
import plotly as plt
import as px
import as pio

data = pd.read_csv(r"somedata.csv")
plot = px.scatter(data, x=“Cx”, y=[“Tm”,“Tg”], trendline=“ols”)

This gives a plot with two ols traces for each trace (“Tm” and “Tg”).

Can I either remove one of the ols trendlines, or replace one of the ols trendlines with a trendline=“lowess” ?

HI @mikkelc welcome to the forums!

Take a look here concerning the trendlines searching on this page for Displaying a single trendline with multiple traces