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How to add pattern to pie chart R

I have created a pie chart using plotly, the pie have 14 parts, I want to distinguish between them, it need to be in grayscale I have been using grDevices for grey colors but it is hard to see the differences. I thought about adding a pattern/texture to the chart, can anyone help me with the code please?

This is the code that I have used:
grey.colors(n, start = 0.3, end = 0.9, gamma = 2.2, alpha = NULL)
A <- c(1426,329,65,62,56,52,45,43,29,24,21,14,13,146)
lbls <- c(A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N)
df= data.frame(A, lbls )
t<- list(family=“Times New Roman”, size=12,color=‘black’)
plot_ly(df, labels = ~lbls,
values = ~A, type = ‘pie’,marker = list(colors = grey.colors,
line = list(color = ‘#0f0e0e’, width = 1)),textfont=t,
textinfo = ‘percent+value’,
hoverinfo = ‘text’,
text = ~paste( A, ’ individuals’),
marker = list(colors = gcolors,
line = list(color = ‘#FFFFFF’, width = 1)))%>%
layout(xaxis = list(showgrid = FALSE, zeroline = FALSE, showticklabels = FALSE),
yaxis = list(showgrid = FALSE, zeroline = FALSE, showticklabels = FALSE))’