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How to add new row in a DataTable (experiments)?

I have a DataTable that shows a Pandas dataframe which has been read from a Postgres database. I can edit and update values through DataTable and save them directly into a database on click/enter, but how do I insert a new row? Is there a way to either scroll to the end of the table and add empty row into which I can type in new values or maybe add ‘Add new record’ button which would append empty row to it? Any help is appreciated.

I’m not sure about experiments (we’re no longer maintaining this now), but with the new version of dash_table, we have docs on this in our Dash DataTable userguide, see Part 5:

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That’s great, thanks. I am using experiments because filtering is great there. Is there a way to have the same filtering in dash_table as in experiments? The one that is at dash_table at the moment is not much usable.

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