How to add more than one favicon?


Following the guide available here:, I added one favicon for my dash app; the favicon.ico is in the folder “assets”, and when I open my webpage in my browser, the favicon is correctly displayed, as expected.

The first issue is that when i share the link of my webpage on whatsapp, the favicon is not included in the message. In contrast, if I remove the favicon.ico from my asset folder, the default Dash favicon does appear both on the tab in the browser, and on whatsapp when I send the URL.

The second issue is that if I add the website on my homepage on my iPhone, iOS creates a favicon based on how the homepage looks like. What I would like is that iOS finds the apple-touch-icon.png

How do I have to proceed?

I think the title may not be the best worded, but I am trying to get the apple-touch-icon to work if I add a bookmark for the dash app to my homescreen on my phone

I have tried using app.index_string and adding the proper link and meta tags, but it just does not seem to work…

Any ideas?

okay, i got it to work but had to use an external url

can’t figure out how to host the image locally within assets folder…somehow can’t get the path correct

But it works using the app.index_string