How to add image to window title

how to add an image and css style to window title in dash app.title=“dash” ,can anyone help me out with this?

Check out this part of the guide as it should answer your questions and provide you with even more info:

Changin the icon:

  • You can set an ‘assets’ folder (if it’s not at the same level as your main file, you might need to specialy dash.Dash(name, assets_folder=mypath)
  • You can then put single file named favicon.ico which will be used for the tab icon

Changing the title (and the META):
You can modify the app.index_string and basically change the title

app.index_string = '''
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <div>My Custom header</div>
        <div>My Custom footer</div>

If you only wish to change the title, I believe app.title = ‘Title’ can work as well
app.index_string lets you change much more info, but only if you need to

Check the link, it goes into much more details as to how to do it

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Thank you Jordan ,it was really helpful

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Hey Jordan,

I can’t figure out what is meant by “You can modify app.index_string”; my goal is to add a favicon.

Do I need to modify app.index_string to add a favicon?

I’m not having any luck simply adding a favicon.ico to my assets folder. Nothing is showing up in the web browser tab!