How to add a CSS style to style dash datatable scrollbar

I would like to style the dash DataTable, in particular I wouldlike to change the X and Y overflow scrollbar but I did not found any refrence to the plotly reference page : Styling | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly .
Is there any other documentation source available?
Is there an easy way to style the slider as it is presented in the documentation?

I’ve tried to add the following code in the css (from html - Change color of Scrollbar in all browsers - Stack Overflow ) :

.custom-personal-scrollbar::-webkit-scrollbar {
  width: 10px !important ;
  height : 10px !important ;

.custom-personal-scrollbar::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
  background: transparent  !important  ;     /* color of the tracking area */

.custom-personal-scrollbar::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
  background-color: #3467E8 !important ;  /* color of the scroll thumb */
  border-radius: 100px    !important ;   /* roundness of the scroll thumb */
 /* border: 1px solid #000066;  *//* creates padding around scroll thumb */

.custom-personal-scrollbar::-webkit-scrollbar-corner  {
  background-color: #3467E8 !important

it seem to work only if i do not include the “custom-personal-scrollbar” class name. But this cahnge all the crollbar of the page. I would like to selectively change the scrollbar of the DataTable. I’ve tried to wrap the DataTable insude a html.Div but nothing changed.

                                        dbc.Col(id = 'table-col', 
                                                children = table,
                                                style = {"height": "100%",},
                                        className = 'custom-personal-scrollbar',
                                        style = {"height": "100%",
                                                 #"border": "1px #8c2c5c solid",
                                                 "padding": "0"},

Thank you very much.