How to activate an added (not drawn) selectionbox


I’ve been playing around with the selectionbox in both plotly Python and plotly.js, and I’ve noticed that in both, when adding a selection to a figure (with fig.add_selection(...) in python, and with Plotly.relayout(fig, {'selections':[...]}) in plotly.js), the selectbox appears inactive, and it’s only editable when clicking on it.
My issue is that I want to have the selection appear active when I add it to the figure (preferrably in plotly.js, since I’m working on some clientside callbacks in my dash application).

This is my current (relevant) code:

		'selections': [
				"xref": "x",
				"yref": "y",
				"line": {
					"width": 1,
					"dash": "dot"
				"type": "rect",
				"x0": xrange[0],
				"x1": xrange[1],
				"y0": yrange[0],
				"y1": yrange[1]

I have tried looking into the differences in the _fullLayout and the layout of the figure between active and non-active selectionbox, but all I could find was a key-value pair_activeSelectionIndex' : 0 in the _fullLayout. I’ve tried to include in the Plotly.relayout, but it didnt work.

Any ideas would be really useful, thank you in advance.