How to access and modify the rectangles added in drgamode="drawrect"?

I’m working with a scatter plot, which I’m running in dragmode “drawrect”. My scatter plot shows points in a regular grid, as shown below. I would like to draw rectangles interactively such that they coincide with the grid coordinates.

Is there a way to achieve this? Currently, the shapes inserted are not aligned with the grid. Is is somehow possible to intercept the call to “add_shape()” through a callback such that the coordinates can be corrected? Or is there a dragmode-setting that permits to snap to the closest points, with a similar logic as with hovermode=“closest”.

Thanks for any hint!

fig = px.scatter(x=x, y=y, symbol=symbols, symbol_map=symbol_map)
fig.layout.hovermode = "closest"{'modeBarButtonsToAdd':['drawrect',