How subpages are created on multiple pages on Dash app?

I have uploaded mutlisheet Excel on my Dash App page Data. I am trying to create subpages within Data page to run different analysis such as calculator, Actions, Future implementation. However, I am unable to create subpages as they appear as pages on my navigation bar. Any suggestions on creating sub-pages within Dash pages?
Thank you.

HI @Sids, maybe interesting even tough it does not answer your question directly:

Hi @Sids

You can specify only certain pages to show up in the navigation bar. If you are creating them in a loop based on the data in the dash.page_registry, it’s possible to add props to determine if it’s a sub page.

See example #7 here:


Thanks it helped. I have another question. I have uploaded the frontend data on Data page and merged it there with the global data. I do not want to upload it on each subpage, so I have created a hidden json file for reading the merged data on each page, but it is not working and gives me empty graphs on subpages/pages. How can I reuse the merged data uploaded on one page (in this case, Data) to every page and subpage for calculation?

Hi @Sids

See example #11 for how to use a dcc.Store component to share data between pages. :slightly_smiling_face: