How manage different drawing layers and push someone to backward

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I have produced the below image using scatter. The blue small point are scatters with hover data. when some other circles are draw on the mentioned blue point, their hover text won’t be displayed. Is there any feature or property to manage the scatter layers and bring the scatter points on the top of the all other circles? [Because of the code type, I can’t draw small blue points after all other drawings]


Scatter traces will be “layered” in the same order as they are added. If you can’t change the order they are added for some reason, you can try to change the order in, which is an array with the traces.

Wow, that’s cool
Sorry @jlfsjunior would you show me an simple example to understand better what should I do?

I am on mobile now, but here is a nice discussion with some examples on how to do it.

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