How I Deploy Dash apps with UWSGI - Blog Post

I host my dash apps on Digital Ocean using UWSGI. I have seen a few older posts on this asking questions or trying to figure out problems, but haven’t seen many how-to’s, either out on the web or here, so I wrote one up.

Would love any feedback on my writeup, any steps that are confusing or missing, etc.

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I’ve update this post, mainly to note that I have streamlined the nginx configuration:

location /dash/

include uwsgi_params;
    if ($request_uri ~* "/dash/([a-zA-Z_]+)/*") {
        uwsgi_pass unix:///srv/$1/uwsgi.sock;


Now so long as the URL matches the directory name where the app is deployed /srv/my_app or what have you, I can leave the nginx configuration alone. So an app properly configured in /srv/my_app will show up at with the above configuration.

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