How I change month year and day in xaxis ticklabels

Hi, I would like o change the dates in x axis to the date format from brazil, translate the names of the months to portuguese, it’s possible?

@vitorsc23 To display a custom date time use in xaxis definition tickvals and ticktext:

layout = go.Layout(
    title = 'Time Series with Custom Date-Time Format',
    xaxis_tickvals=['2015-04-01', '2015-07-01', '2015-10-01', '2016-01-01', 
                                  '2016-04-01', '2016-07-01','2016-10-01', '2017-01-01'],
    xaxis_ticktext= ['1 Abril<br>2015', '1 Julho<br>2015', '1 Outubro<br>2015', '1 Janeiro<br>2016'
                            '1 Abril<br>2016', '1 Julho<br>2016', '1 Outubro<br>2016',
                            '1 Janeiro<br>2017']

xaxis_tickvals is the list of dates for your timeseries, while xaxis_ticktext is alist of strings that express the corresponding date from tickvals in a custom form.

I retrieved the months name via google tranlate. If the brasil form for date is not dd-mm-yyyy
you can change correspondingly the strings in ticktext.

Plase change the title of your question. You didn’t ask how to change date form in legend, but the form of xaxis ticklabels.