How does one input multiple text and number inputs

Am creating an Analytical HIERARCHICAL Process(ahp) using dash need help on how one prompts the user to enter multiple texts and number and then calculate it and visualize it using bar graph.

Hi @roxydidi , welcome to the forums. That’s a quite general question. How do you want the user to provide the data? There are lots of possibilities, here an example:

It should be something similar to this;

Perfect, so the code snippet + link to the help site from the previous post should be a good starting point for you.

More information:

Wrote the code but dont know how to integrate several text inputs and call function to calculate the score

Hi, without seeing your code it will be impossible to help you.

Hello @roxydidi,

If you are doing this as a form that they have to submit, I would use a callback that is triggered upon a button push. This callback would use the states of the inputs.

[State(f'input{i}', 'value') for i in inputs])

Where the state inputs is just however many inputs you have. :slight_smile: You can even do different things with the function like the images that you gave above.

To help you more, it would be nice to get an example code and some semblance of the actual function you are trying to perform, like @AIMPED has suggested.