How do I resize my Plotly bar height and show only bar's edge (in subplot)?

Hello! this is my first foray into Plotly. I love the ease of use compared to matplotlib and bokeh. However I’m stuck on some basic questions on how to beautify my plot. First, this is the code below (its fully functional, just copy and paste!):

import as px
from plotly.subplots import make_subplots
import plotly as py
import pandas as pd
from plotly import tools

d = {'Mkt_cd': ['Mkt1','Mkt2','Mkt3','Mkt4','Mkt5','Mkt1','Mkt2','Mkt3','Mkt4','Mkt5'],
	   'Category': ['Apple','Orange','Grape','Mango','Orange','Mango','Apple','Grape','Apple','Orange'],
           'CategoryKey': ['Mkt1Apple','Mkt2Orange','Mkt3Grape','Mkt4Mango','Mkt5Orange','Mkt1Mango','Mkt2Apple','Mkt3Grape','Mkt4Apple','Mkt5Orange'],
            'Current': [15,9,20,10,20,8,10,21,18,14],
           'Goal': [50,35,21,44,20,24,14,29,28,19]
dataset  = pd.DataFrame(d)

grouped = dataset.groupby('Category', as_index=False).sum()
data = grouped.to_dict(orient='list')
v_cat = grouped['Category'].tolist()
v_current = grouped['Current']
v_goal = grouped['Goal']
fig1 =, x = v_current, y = v_cat, orientation = 'h',
              color_discrete_sequence = ["#ff0000"],height=10)
fig2 =, x = v_goal, y = v_cat, orientation = 'h',height=15)

trace1 = fig1['data'][0]
trace2 = fig2['data'][0]
fig = make_subplots(rows = 1, cols = 1, shared_xaxes=True, shared_yaxes=True)
fig.add_trace(trace2, 1, 1)
fig.add_trace(trace1, 1, 1)
fig.update_layout(barmode = 'overlay')

Here is the Output:

Question1: how do I make the width of v_current (shown in red bar) smaller? As in, it should be smaller in height since this is a horizontal bar. I added the height as 10 for trace1 and 15 for trace2, but they are still showing at the same heights.

Question2: Is there a way to make the v_goal (shown in blue bar) only show it’s right edge, instead of a filled out bar? Something like this:

If you noticed, I also added a line under each of the category. Is there a quick way to add this as well? Not a deal breaker, just a bonus. Other things I’m trying to do is add animation, etc but that’s for some other time!

Thanks in advance for answering!