How Dash Renderer Works (Internally)?


May I ask if there are any documentations/tutorials about how the dash renderer works internally?

For example:
After the initial page load, what triggers the /_dash-layout and /_dash-dependencies GET requests?
When the layout response comes back to front end, what function to parses the json and attach it which DOM ( is it <AppContainer/>? ) ?
How are the js objects states managed (via the React itself or Redux?), and hence what triggers the /_dash-update-component POST requests?

I know this might be a huge topic, but a couple pointers could be very helpful, assuming tiny knowledge about JavaScript/React. Reading the libraries like is killing me…


The actual source code is here: GitHub - plotly/dash-renderer: OBSOLETE has been merged into dash, which is going to be a lot easier to read. You can try building it locally and inserting different breakpoints to walk through the code.

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