How can we implement search box feature

Is there any way we can implement a search box with our graphs . If I type 1000 in search box what I want is , I will go to X=1000 , similarly whatever value we type in search box I want to go to that value on X -axis .

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Hi @saksham7778
Could you explain a little bit? :thinking: I do not understand your question.
It’s dcc.Input what you mean with search box?

hi @Eduardo
for eg , if on my x axis I have numbers from 0-100000 ,and when I search for 10000 so my graph should zoom to the point where x is 10000 and show the contents from 10000 - 11000 , instead of 0 - 100000

Not sure whether there is an out-of-the-box solution for that.

But you can easily implement that by adding a text box (or a dcc slider) that changes/controls the x-axis range of your plot based on the value through a regular callback function.