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How can i write total number of each class to each bar?


Im making a dashboard and in 1 part i wanna make little change.

My bar plot format and graph same with this:

import as px
df =
fig =, x="sex", y="total_bill", color='time')

but as you see, every bar contains from summation of sum value. How can I see sum of total_bill s top of each bar?

Thanks in advance!!

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I did it like this.

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Hi @bilallozdemir,

You have to use barmode='group'

import as px
df =
fig =, x="sex", y="total_bill", color='time', barmode='group')

in general Plotly has a very good documentation with plenty of examples, where you often find answers you need. Maybe have a look there next time before you post here :wink:

Best, Alex -