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How can I use one animation slider for two graphs?

I am currently putting 2 plotly express graphs in a Dash Div. I stated animation frame for both graph and there are 2 sliders separately now, I wanted one slider for two graphs to be updated.

Is there any workaround to make 2 figures share the same slider? Or I have to code another slider and make 2 callbacks myself?

I tried

fig_a.layout.sliders = fig_b.layout.sliders

and it won’t work.

Hi there!

I’d recommend reading through the documentation as most common usages like multiple outputs are talked about there.

(specifically the part that says multiple output)

I get it I could code a slider and make callbacks to update the graphs, but since plotly express has created the slider for me, I am looking for a way to use this slider for multiple graphs and make the code much cleaner.

Did you figure this out yet? I am having the same problem. If so, could you please tell me how?