How can I remove the additional suffix when hovering?


Hoping someone here can help me with a Plotly charting question. I have information being charted from a CSV to an interactive graph. But the graph keeps inserting the β€œK” after this data for some reason. I’d like to remove just the β€œK” as it’s sort of redundant and could be misread as 37,000,000 for example, compared to the accurate 37,000.

This is in a secondary plot if that makes any difference.

And here is what I believe is the pertinent code:

    x=df['Unnamed: 0'], y=df['MCD Sales'],  # Data
    mode='lines+markers', name='Sales', hoverinfo='y', # Additional options
    ), row=1, col=1) # Subplot Area

    x=df['Unnamed: 0'], y=df["MDC Units"],  # Data for second line
    mode='lines+markers', name='Units', hoverinfo='y', # Additional options
    ), row=2, col=1) # Subplot Area

fig.update_layout(height=600, width=600, yaxis_tickprefix = '$', hovermode='x unified',
                  template=symbol_template, separators=",", title_text="Stacked Subplots"

Thank you!