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How can I remove the additional suffix when hovering?


Hoping someone here can help me with a Plotly charting question. I have information being charted from a CSV to an interactive graph. But the graph keeps inserting the “K” after this data for some reason. I’d like to remove just the “K” as it’s sort of redundant and could be misread as 37,000,000 for example, compared to the accurate 37,000.

This is in a secondary plot if that makes any difference.

And here is what I believe is the pertinent code:

    x=df['Unnamed: 0'], y=df['MCD Sales'],  # Data
    mode='lines+markers', name='Sales', hoverinfo='y', # Additional options
    ), row=1, col=1) # Subplot Area

    x=df['Unnamed: 0'], y=df["MDC Units"],  # Data for second line
    mode='lines+markers', name='Units', hoverinfo='y', # Additional options
    ), row=2, col=1) # Subplot Area

fig.update_layout(height=600, width=600, yaxis_tickprefix = '$', hovermode='x unified',
                  template=symbol_template, separators=",", title_text="Stacked Subplots"

Thank you!