How can I hide hover information specifically and change color for specific Clusters

Hello all,
I have a question regarding the hover function.

I found a function on the Dash Libary page that allows me to display only certain values.

I want to display only from the following dataframe
the column “Cluster” as name and the column “Loop” instead of the X and Y axis as shown in the picture.

My understanding is that I have used the appropriate code, but the function does not work.

My Dataframe looks like the follwing example

My Code that should get only Loops and Cluster as Hover
but display me all…

import as px
from plotly.offline import plot
import plotly.graph_objs as go

Scatterplot_Graph = pd.DataFrame(digits_pca)
header= ["y-axis","x-axis"]
unique_labels = set(labels)
Scatterplot_Graph["Cluster"] = labels
Scatterplot_Graph["Size"] = labels
Scatterplot_Graph["Loops"] = df["Loops"]
Scatterplot_Graph.loc[Scatterplot_Graph['Size'] == -1 , 'Size'] = 0.5
Scatterplot_Graph.loc[Scatterplot_Graph['Size'] >=  1, 'Size'] = 4
Scatterplot_Graph["Cluster"].replace({-1: "outlier"}, inplace=True)
#fig = px.scatter(df, x ="x-achse", y ="y-achse", color="Cluster" ,size="Size", opacity=1 ,hover_name= "Cluster", hover_data=["Loops"])
fig = px.scatter(Scatterplot_Graph, x ="x-achse", y ="y-achse", color="Cluster" ,size="Size", opacity=1 ,hover_name= "Cluster",  hover_data={'Loops':True,
                                                                                                                    'x-achse': False,
                                                                                                                    'Cluster': False,
                                                                                                                    'y-achse':False ,

The hover informations atm are the folowing:

x-axis = value
y-Axis value
Size= 0
Loops = (for example 47)

my goal is it to have only :
Outlier or Cluster 1 ( Cluster value as titel)
Loop number ( for example 47)

By the True / False symantics the X -axis and y-asis should not be displayed any more…

Can someone tell me where my error is?

Or do I need another function for this ? like Hovertemplate?

fig = px.scatter(df, x ="x-achse", y ="y-achse", color="Cluster" ,size="Size", opacity=1 , hover_name= "Cluster", hover_data= ["Loops"], color_discrete_map={"outlier": "black",
                                                         " 1 " : "red",
                                                          "2":  "blue"}),
    return fig_scatter

Another thing is…
how can i Change the color for specific Clusters… i tried it with the following Code
But it only change the outlier… seems it has problem to give a number a specific color…

I need this Color Function to synchronise 2 Graphs … That they have the Same color… while they are next to each other…

Has anyone an example or a solution for my Problem ?
Another Problem is at Cluster 0 , because i cant change the color of the Clusters… it is white and not visible…