How can I give the default area to all the tab under tabs

I have 6 tab under dbc.tabs

How will i set the height of the area under each tab equal to given height so that when clicked the aspect ratio of the area is maintained .

Tab 1 Tab 2 Tab 3

each have a height of 300 px

Hi @yogi_dhiman

I believe you could use the css property min-height to set a minimum height of each tab div.

tabs = dbc.Tabs(
        dbc.Tab(tab1_content, label="Tab 1", style={"min-height":"300px"}),
        dbc.Tab(tab2_content, label="Tab 2", style={"min-height":"300px"}),

Thanks for reply ;
but its not working ; it changes the size of the tab but I want to keep the tab area constant.