How can I do this? how is it called?

(I dont see a link to github for this )

Hello @topotaman,

If you are referring to the charts, they are here:

thanks jinnyzor

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hi jinnyzor, I have a data, a column called players, how can I choose choose players from that data?

I’d recommend populating it from two dropdowns, if you are wanting to use the above example.

super jinnyzor … but how do I do that?

I have this for the options :slight_smile:

opts = [{“label”: col , “value”: col} for col in data.columns]

but dont know how to select values instead of columns?

opts = [{“label”: i, “value”: i} for i in data['players'].values]

thanks …

when doing the options of the dropdown, it gives me an error … why? and what change do I have to make?

{“label”: i, “value”: i} for i in dff[‘players’].values

key error players? but have not dropped the data yet? how can I pass this?

prob solved

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