How can I do a table with a range selector


I need to do a table with numbers, and a range selector of numbers for that table (and make the table modify its colors when a range is selected) (similar to what excell does)

how can I do this with plotly dash?

Hi, did you check the documentation on conditional formatting? If you get stuck, please post an MRE so we can try to help you further.

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thanks, how could I add an input or a range bar … to make the conditional formating change (example … for range 77 colour all the table <77 …)?

I would also like to have the table … with some columns hidden … is that possible?

Unfortunately, this is not the way things work. There is an abundance of high quality tutorials and videos available on these and similar kind of topics created and curated by @adamschroeder / charming data. In addition, there is a wealth of info on this forum through the search function. sorry there is no excuse for insisting in posting these (similar) kind of question asking to build a solution for you. If you have studied the topics and videos and make at least some attempt in solving the problem, you are welcome to ask for help and input. until that time, I recommend gaining the required knowledge to create such a basic setup. Thanks for understanding

hi @topotaman
building on @jcuypers 's advice regarding the MRE link, sharing your code that you worked on, as you were trying to build this app, would make it a lot easier for you to receive support.
What you’re trying to do should be possible with the DataTable, although some of it might be easier to achieve with Ag Grid: I’ll make a post about Ag Grid later today.

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hi … I finished that job …

this is the sample

link community plotly