How can i add "datepicker" , "dropdown" and "dropdown in specific date interval" at the same time?

I have a dataset like this:

  • 15 variable
  • in everyday there are about 25-35 unqiue process
  • And these process values come to me in 10 seconds periods
  • and i have time variable and unique id s.

So i am doing a dashboard with these. I wanna do this with callbacks/dropdowns:

  • Time picker for between 2 specific date. (done)
  • sensor picker dropdows for these one of 15 sensors. (done)
  • and for in these spesific dates, i wanna sensor unique id picker. (this is my problem)
    If it is clear, i wanna some answers about options.
    If you can imagine my situation with this dataset, you assume that i have about 10000 rows in my dataset(So 10000x15 shaped) . When i select only 1 day and only 1 variable, i am interested in 1 variable with 150 rows.
    My unique id would specify which unique id would be in my unique id dropdown. I cant do this now.

First option could look like this for you but this is useless. Bc this brings to me every unique ids in my list.
I want only the unique ids in my specific dates interval.

                options=[{'label': i.title(), 'value': i} for i in features],
        style={'width': '15%', 'float': 'left', 'display': 'inline-block'}),

This is without unique id picker, how my design looks like:

Thanks in advance!