Hovertemplate goes off Page

Hi all,

I have a hovertemplate that will not stay on the page on mobile screens. Div’s do not render in the hover template, they appear as text. The style attribute does not render as well. I tried adding width:10px and deviations along these lines to try and control the size of the hover template but nothing has worked. If anyone has input on this that would be great. Thank you!

Additionally, my plot title goes off the plot and the text is cut off

    hovertemplate: "<span style='font-family:Montserrat, sans-serif'>%{text[0]} a year or %{y:,.0%} of your income at age %{x}</span>" +
        "<br></br>" +
        "<span style='font-family:Montserrat, sans-serif' >Retire with %{text[0]} or work and earn the extra %{text[1]}</span><extra></extra>",