Hover over some nodes work but over others dont

I have the uploaded graph and when I hover over some nodes it displays a box with the info that it should be showing. However, when hovering over other nodes, nothing happens which is strange. I have tried several layouts, different sizes, etc.


HI @WakkoW welcome to the forums.

It’ll be almost impossible to help you without some more information concerning code/data.

Hi AIMPED, thanks for the welcome and sorry for taking so long .
My data has 2716x119 dimension and it is normalized. Then I apply it PCA and a topological data analysis algorithm (mapper). As for the graph code…I don’t know if you want me to put it here so I will do it and let me know if is not what you expected. I got it from Kaggle:

With the same code, I have a simpler graph with the same issues. Most of the vertices of the “snake” in the middle, are not displaying the info. Every other vertex from the triangles and lines is displaying the info correctly.

I think found the answer. When the display box has too much data, it does not show.