Hover on boxplot: 'median,q1,q3' are not display in python plotly

‘median, q1, q3, max…’ are not display when hover on boxplot.
My Jupyter notebook:

Official Documents:

@waytosky Yes, you are right. The boxplots in the documentation were posted long time ago. In the newer Plotly versions the strings q1, median, q3, are not displayed anymore.

Thank you very much for reply.
I really think that adding explanatory strings will lead to a better experience. Hope that in the future can restore this function.
Thanks Again.

@empet Hello, I just wanted to mention that I would also like to have the option to display the names of the data on the boxplot hover labels, the possibility of this isn’t clear from the documentation or the tutorial.

@dasenbrj The trace of type =‘box’ does not allow the key text in its definition, and so you cannot display the data name on hover.
But you can display the name in the legend. In the definition of each Box trace, insert
the name, for example name='First set',
and in layout set showlegend=True, and also insert :


You’ll see at the upper right part of your plot, both the name and color for each boxplot.