Hover event: get reference to hovered HTMLElement

I need to use bootstrap popover with plotly chart. Is there a way to reference the hovered element (DOM HTMLElement) ?

Could you be more specific?

Do you want to show a fully custom hover popover or modify the native plotly.js popover ?

thanks for response.
I need fully custom popover. Eg., for bootstrap popover I need to reference the hovered html element (ie, in a bar chart).

If I understand the question, I think I have a similar need. Specifically I want to see plotly hover (or click) events in a python3 jupyter notebook in offline mode. I understand how to embed the js code in python but the the information I’m still missing is the html id for the plotly graph which I’m interested in. Which I think is what the op may have been asking about. If we had id then I think we could use the rest of the standard plotly example event capturing js code.

I’ve been successful getting values out of js callbacks in notebooks from other graphs/widgets, but haven’t quite figured how to do it with offline plotly.