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Hosting the HTML outputs?


I’ve been making choropleth maps in plotly and my bosses would like to start using them in their presentations. I use the “fig.write_html” command to create and display the html files on my computer.

What’s the best way to set my company up so they can present these html files from their computers (for example, clicking on a link in their power point slides that open up the html files in their browser?) Creating the .png files is not an option because they want to use the interaction capability that the html files offer (specifically, hovering their mouse over USA states/counties to get the text popups).

Hi @MapMan2020, the easiest way would be to host the html file on a static web hosting server (a few examples of cheap and free options available here). Then you’ll just need the correct url and you’ll be able to access the file.

Beware however that the data would be publicly accessible (provided one knows the url) unless you add some security on your site.

Hope this helps