Horizontal line with annotation

Hello, I would like to create something similar with Dash Plotly.

I would like to draw a horizontal line across candlestick chart, based on the values from a dataframe and display that value as “annotation” attached to a line.

I’ve managed to draw horizontal shapes based on values from a dataframe but that Limit and price label/annotation on the left is essential and I have no idea how to achieve it.

Is that possible in Dash/Plotly and could you please point me in the rigth direction please?
Thank you

Do you want to show these annotations permanently or on hovering?

Permanently. Or at least on one of the y axis.

But even on hovering will do if you have any idea please. Thank you

What type of chart you will use?

It’s scattergl on top of candlestick chart.Thank you so much

I don’t know candlestick chart exist in Plotly.