Horizonatal Bar text overlapping in case of multiple subplots

I am working with horizontal bar charts and am creating 7 subplots in a row which are having shared Y axis, also I have set textpostion:‘outside’ for the bars. In this case the by default the text of a bar having long height gets hidden by the immediate next subplot. Using cliponaxis:‘false’ create bar value overlapping issue. Pls help in avoiding this overlapping issue. is there any way to provide gap between subplots??

Attached codepen Demo:

See https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/YMMNMa

You can tried using xgap.

Thanks for replying…
It did work fine with xgap for smaller values like 22.14. But can we introduces fixed gap between subplots(including bar text which is displayed outside)??So that I don’t have to worry about length on bar text being rendered as it breaks when the value is big(2122.32).

Also, is it mandatory to pass xgap within grid object?? Currently I am creating chart by creating multiple axis ( x1-x7 and one shared y-axis ‘y’)