Highlight the x axis traces in scatter plot


I have a bit plot where the x-axis range is huge. So, it is very hard to keep track of x-axis traces while scrolling.
Is there any way we can highlight a particular trace or is there any way to keep track of the axes.


@etienne Can you please help me with this?


I’m sure I understand your question. Why would highlighting a trace help us keep trace of the axes?

Could share a screenshot of what you’re trying to do?

Thank you for the reply.
Sure, like in a below snapshot, It is difficult to know the dots(points) belong to which particular trace, unless we scroll it to left. How can we identify it without scrolling?

After scrolling:

… and hovering over the points isn’t good enough, I presume?

yeah, can we do something apart from hovering? As I want to display different information on hovering.


@etienne , point is when you have large number of traces, you have to hover over all the trace to see the type of trace.

Your questions seem to be a little bit out of the scope of these forums.

We tend to only answer the how to questions and leaving the what should I do questions to other forum members.

okay @etienne thanks :slight_smile: