Hide/display/update plotly offline plots in Notebook cells

I have Notebook with dahsboard add-on whch has menus that generate plots in different cells. My problem is that I cant manage to generate the plotly plots in one cell and display them in another. The varius approaches for solving this have only confused me more.

Apart from a working approach I am also hoping to learn what is the proper way of doing this as I am lost in all of the possibilities.

  • I have presented the problem asking for one possible way of solving - setting destination cell for each output: here.

  • Another possible solution is to first plot empty plot in a separate cell and then update on-event from the menu. Similar questions have been asked here and here

  • Lastly, I thought about plotting in an object without displaying and then displaying in the cell that I want. However, py.offline.iplot() generates and plots at the same time. Is there a way to generate the full plot in an object and then display() in the cell that I want similarly to a widget?

Best for the #api:python forums.