Hide colorbar and tick marks on animated graph object

Hi, I’m new to using plotly, and need some help - I want to remove the colorbar and tick marks from the following animation of a heat map:

fig = go.Figure(data=[go.Heatmap(z = world)], layout=go.Layout(xaxis=dict(range=[0, 49], autorange=False),yaxis=dict(range=[0, 49], autorange=False), coloraxis = go.layout.Coloraxis(showscale=False),
width = 800, height = 800, updatemenus=[dict(type=“buttons”, buttons=[dict(label=“Play”,method=“animate”, args=[None])])]),
frames = [go.Frame(data=[go.Heatmap(z = worlds[k])]) for k in range(50)])

I tried coloraxis = go.layout.Coloraxis(showscale=False) and while this did not return an error it did not remove the colorbar.