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Hide a certain hover-tooltip in a certain trace

Hi guys,

I’m building a chart with two traces, the data looks as follows:

dataSet1 [
    {x : [09, 10, 11, 12. 13]}
    {y: [7,8,9,92,100]}

dataSet2 [
    {x : [13, 14]}
    {y: [100, 120]}

Since the last datapoint of dataSet1 and the first point of dataSet2 is exactly the same tooltip is displayed twice on hover.
I’d like to know how to hide one of them. Any suggestions?

Setting hoverinfo: 'skip' or hoverinfo: 'hide' will do the trick.

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This did the trick:

dataSet2 [
    {x : [13, 14]},
    {y: [100, 120]},
{hoverinfo: ['skip', 'y']}

Thanks a lot