Help with selecting a DATABASE for use with Dash and Plotly

Hello Dash Community,

I’m new to Plotly and Dash. I’m spent the past few weeks creating a dashboard using Plotly and Dash. I’m really impressed with this framework!

At this point, the proof-of-concept has been achieved. It’s time to start thinking about connecting the web application with a proper database (rather than a CSV file with some test data).

My use case is straight-forward. The underlying data would be updated in the database once per month. I intend to use the web application to generate some reports a few times each month. No heavy use.

I know that there are many free and open-source databases available. Examples include: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and others.

Asking the community about the “best” database would be somewhat subjective and would depend on the use case. People are probably going to be very opinionated about this topic.

That said (and all else equal), which database offers the easiest connection and the least headaches? And, is there a database that the community would consider to be “best practice” when connecting to the Dash and Plotly ecosystem?

Thanks in advance!


As you point out yourself, the best choice depends on the application at hand.

That being said, I tend to use SQLite for smaller projects, and PostgreSQL for larger ones. I guess for your use case, SQLite could be a place to start :upside_down_face:

Thank you, @Emil. I chose PostgreSQL.