HELP with adding a scatterplot mapbox on top of choropleth mapbox

Hi there, I’ve struggled to find answers for a week now to combine a scatterplot mapbox with a choropleth mapbox. The scenario is I’m creating a map showing number of vehicle stolen in an area aggregated on a postal code level. This is done pretty easily with a px.choroplethmapbox. For the next step I want to plot the boundary of several regions using another shape file on top of this map. The approach I used is How to Show only boundaries (no fill) of a shapefile in python plotly express? - Stack Overflow. However, I found it so difficult to add this to the original map. I’m able to use add_trace to copy all the polygons from the choropleth map to the second map with only boundaries, but the color scale and other settings for the heatmap I have are all gone. Any suggestions will be appreciated!