Help! -- Pattern Matching -- Callbacks Break on Page Reload

I’m using pattern matching to dynamically create page components. When the page first loads, it works fine, but when I refresh the page, the callbacks stop working.

Any idea what’s going on?

Hi @fdfd222222
Welcome to the Dash community,
It’s challenging to help you without any code or a minimal reproducible example. Can you please share those, or give us more information.

Thank you,

Hi, I actually solved it, I had some conflicts in the pattern-matching outputs.
I didn’t know where the error was coming from, but I checked the console tab on my browser after hitting F12, and it identified my error.

All good here now. Thank you for reaching out!

Hi @fdfd222222
Can you please share what the error was and how you solved it, so future Forum members can learn from your experience?