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Help need adding count to hoverinfo

Hello community!

I am making a px.histogram where x is a range of float values that looks like so:

I then create a binned histogram like this:

 fig = px.histogram(VAFreq, 
                       x = "VAF",
                       nbins = 20, 
                       title = Newfilename,
            yaxis_title="% observed",)

Resulting in a graph that looks like:

I’d like to have, at a minimum, the hover info read count as the total number of VAFs for that given bin not it’s percent. So the largest bin’s hover info would read count = 255 as that’s the total number that fall in that bin. It would also be nice to display hover info for the exact percent like it does presently in addition to the count value. I’ve spent around a day trying to find a method to do so but I’ve been unsuccessful. Any advice/ways to accomplish this?

Thank you for your time!

Just a bump. Starting to think this feature may not exist.