Help, I've upgraded from 1.58.5 to 2.32.0 and now I can't find how to edit the Plotly.d3.selectAll

from looking at github it looks like plotly.d3 was dropped in v2.0.0

but i have this line in my old code
Plotly.d3.selectAll(‘.select-line,.select-outline-1,.select-outline-2’).style(‘stroke’, ‘white’);

and i need to know how to edit the selectAll box in the new version now that I can’t access d3

If you want a hack add the following line in the Plotly.js file

exports.d3 = webpack_require(33428);

Another hack, in the path node_modules/@plotly/d3/ you have a d3.js file, comment the first and last line and import it

And if you don’t like any of the options I gave you, install D3

d3/ at 4 · d3/d3 · GitHub