Help~! How to add an animated figure onto dashboard

Hi dear,
I am a newbie for plotly. Now I am working on creating a dashboard with plotly. I have added a few plots/tables. However, I also wish to add an animated figure into my dashboard. For example any animated figure like:

An introduction to creating animations with Plotly in Python.

I could not find any instructions or documents about this, anyone would help please.


Hi @evileyelive an animated plotly figure is a special case of plotly figure, and you can pass any plotly figure as the figure attribute of a dcc.Graph. Please see for more details.

Hi Emmanuelle,

Thank you very much for replying.
I can make it and achieve it into my complier, but I wish to load my data and plot it, then add the animated figure into my Dashboard ( rather than my own PC, I tried to find the official tutorial but could not find any available, would you mind give me some help please?

Thanks a lot