Help for a multi pages Dash app with authentication SQLITE database


I have many questions about a multi pages Dash app with user authentication with a little SQLITE database. I have some errors that I don’t understand so I need help. I think less than 1hour can be sufficient if you’re an expert.

Please let me know if you’re available to talk about it

Thank you

Hi @CiaPy welcome to the forums.

Is your post a “job-offer” and are you willing to pay for it? If so, you could use the job-postings tag. See also:

If not, could you please provide more information?

hey, @CiaPy I’m interested I have worked on similar dash project with SQLite database. Please contact me at LinkedIn or over my mail :

you can visit the document I made with the SQL connector over here

this one is not live but I can make it available for you if you’d like to test it out

Some of the screenshots

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You can check out my GitHub page for an app I made with similar functionality.

The login flow is in and the login pages are in Feel free to email me directly if you have questions:

I will send you an email soon ! Thank you !!!

Unfortunately this page is not found 404 error :neutral_face:

Sorry about that! Didn’t realize I kept it private hah. Should be fine now.

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Thanks a lot !!! It’s gonna help for sure :grinning: