Heatmap subplot - not showing some z value

I’m trying to plot subplots on my dash app.
Here are two heatmap plots. The bottom left of figure 1 does not showing the z value.

Hi @wxy829475
cCn you please provide minimal reproducible example code so we can run it on our computer and try to help you. Also, can you please offer more information on the errors you’re encountering or the challenges you’re facing in trying to solve your problem

#Annotated Heatmap
	fig = make_subplots(1,2, subplot_titles=['Count','Conv Rate'])
	x1 = ['Pos Conv', 'Neg Conv', 'Total']
	y1 = ['Total', 'Unstable', 'Stable']

	z1 = [[3,6,9],[11,23,45],[23,45,67]]
	z2 = [[v_pos_conv, v_neg_conv, v_overall_conv_mean],
		  [v_pos_unstable_conv,v_neg_unstable_conv, v_unstable_conv],
		  [v_pos_stable_conv, v_neg_stable_conv, v_stable_conv]

	app.logger.info('pos: {}'.format(n_pos_conv))
	app.logger.info('neg: {}'.format(n_neg_conv))
	app.logger.info('total: {}'.format(n_asin))

	fig1 = ff.create_annotated_heatmap(x=x1, y=y1, z=z1,  colorscale='Blues')
	fig2 = ff.create_annotated_heatmap(x=x1, y=y1, z=z2,  colorscale='Blues')
	fig.add_trace(fig1.data[0], 1, 1)
	fig.add_trace(fig2.data[0], 1, 2)
	annot1 = list(fig1.layout.annotations)
	annot2 = list(fig2.layout.annotations)
	for k  in range(len(annot2)):
		annot2[k]['xref'] = 'x2'
		annot2[k]['yref'] = 'y2'

For testing, I replaced z1 as some random values.But there are 2 values missing on heatmap.
my function return dcc.Graph(figure = fig)