Grey area and missing clusters using Dash Leaflet

Hello! I’m pretty new using Dash. So, i’ve been using Dash Leaflet Map to plot some points in a map of my country. I’m using super cluster and not all my cluster’s are show in my map when I load my page. If I move to other areas (manually) in my country, some clusters just show up and other’s just dissapears. Also, my map keeps showing greyed Tiles and I can’t figure out why. Here’s a snippet of the code where I use dl.Map.

                dl.Map(children = [
                    dl.GeoJSON(id = "coords-json",  cluster = True,
                    superClusterOptions= dict(radius = 100), zoomToBoundsOnClick= True),
               center = [-16.95, -47.98],
               zoom = 4,
               style = {"height": "100%", "width": "100%"}
            style= {"padding": "10px", "height":"100%", "border-radius":"20px"}, color = "#9772FB")
        ], md = 9)

An example of how the clusters shows up and just disapear:

If I manually move the map around the country, more clusters appear and the gray area problem also appears