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GraphWidget Height Cut Off

I am using the GraphWidget() module to make interactive offline plots featuring widgets and am running into a problem where the height of a GraphWidget plot is always contrained to 600px (which is the default height, I believe).

Is there any way of instantiating the GraphWidget object with a predefined height of 1000 without using online connectivity (url) so that the plots will fully display? When I modify the layout via the relayout call it doesn’t seem to do the trick, and I think the only argument GraphWidget takes is a url which I’ve left empty in my example because I don’t want to be online.

Also, I am available to use the plotly toggle button to ‘scroll down’ to see the bottom of the plot, so it’s not as if the rest of the plot doesn’t exist.

Hi @nicolascage,

GraphWidget is actually deprecated and superseded by graph_objs.FigureWidget in version 3+ ( Are you still having trouble with the plotlywidget extension?


Thanks for letting me know @jmmease! Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble. Based on your helpful comments on Plotlywidget nbextension error, one thing I am unable to do is upgrade to notebook 5.3 at the moment along with being unable to do jupyter nbextension install plotlywidget since I cannot connect due to security. If there’s a manual installation process for plotlywidget then I think that might be the only solution. I’ll also reply to your other followup on the other link.

With some manual setup, I think we may be able to get plotlywidget working for you in the classic notebook with notebook versions as low as 5.0 and ipywidgets versions as low as 7.0, but older than that won’t be possible.

Let’s move the conversation back to Plotlywidget nbextension error, but what versions of these do you have access to?