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Graphical measurements


I’m looking for an example of interactive measurement

For example, consider an histogram, and we want to measure the width around the mean value
directly on the plot, using the mouse

Like an oscilloscope, or a spectrum analyzer, we could set 2 vertical line marker and the distance between the 2 lines is shown somewhere outside the plot

with my best regards

Here’s an example:

thanks a lot for your reply!

Well reading my post, i realised that i’m not very clear… i need to practice english :blush:

i was talking about a way to use a plot, in general, to measure ‘x1’ ‘x2’ ‘delta x’ ‘y1’ ‘y2’ 'delta y’
so in fact it’s just axis concernant

to do that we often see 2 vertical lines, for X axis mesures, and 2 horizontal lines for Y axis
the lines can be moved using the mouse, and the values are shown on the plot or out of the plot to be more clearer

i’m very impressed by plotly and d3, it’s just a major step in the data visualisation area
but i’m really surprises that in all the example i’ve seen, the only way to take some decision, based on graphical représentation, is… the eyes!
at least with plotly we have the data tooltip under the mouse clic, but it’s too short for a lot of case
Well, in my area i mean, in signal processing, roughly

it seems that the api, and JavaScript/html5, have all needed to do that kind of tool
but i’m a big noob in JavaScript


Is there any update on this?
I could really use a “measurement tool” like this