Graph_objects mapbox multiple lines with multiple color [BIG DATA]

I’m using go.Scattermapbox to generate multiple lines in a map from a CSV file which has coordinates and attributes, and it looks like this:


What I’m doing here is connecting all the coordinates with the same ID, which is quite fast as there is only one object plotting all the lines I need.

What I need to achieve now is to set colors to each line, based on some attributes, like this:

This is something that I’m afraid I can’t achieve using a single go.Scattermapbox object, and using a loop would be something very slow as this is big data (even if I filter the data, there are thousands of ids to plot).

Is there a way to achieve this without creating a loop for? Maybe converting my data into json?

Hello @luquezsantiago,

Are you trying to emulate the speed at which vehicles can travel through? Something similar to how Google Maps does it?

Or is it arbitrary/based upon some other value? If so, you could set the value to be the color of the mapbox?

No, this are pipes.

I want to set multiple colors, but because the object is only one, is not possible. I will update my question with an examen.

Thanks for the help.

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If possible, please include some sample data.