Graph not plotting the same values, background aggregation perhaps?

Hi all!
I am currently working on creating a visual which makes use of an upper and lower bound.

The bound’s values are always the same (at this stage).

E.g. LowerBound = 75

This lower bound value would then appear again 15mins later (still being 75), this is repeated hundreds of times.

Currently the plotly visual gives me this value only once, rather than plotting it afresh every 15mins.

I am starting to wonder if plotly is behind the scenes filtering my visual so that rather than showing the same value lots of times, it shows it once. I have written in no forms of aggregation into my code which makes me think this may be happening in the background.

So I suppose my question is then, does anyone know of plotly filtering/aggregating/summarizing your plots without you specifying it? Specifically in the case where it is being asked to plot the same value over and over again.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and any help would be much appreciated!

Would you please share a codepen demo?