Graph loads 2 minutes after the calculations

I’ve made a dashboard (Django Dash) with some long code that I can’t share. I’ve two filters, one of them is a dropdown filter where multiple items can be selected. Based on these filters, information is calculated which is then shown in a graph on the dashboard. When the calculation are done, the terminal prints ‘execution done’, so I know when they’re finished. However, after the execution is done, it lasts like 2 minutes before the graph is loaded. I’m an intern in a company and I send my code to a developer there, he ran it, and the graph was shown immediately, so I thought the loading time was caused by my ‘slower’ computer. So I tried it on another computer, but I had the same issue: loading the graph lasts 2 minutes. My hypotheses is that my ‘colleague’, who works already a long time here, has some other or special settings in Django, so that the frontend is loaded directly? Has anyone run into the same problem or does anyone know a possible solution to load the graph faster?