Google Chrome Out of Memory when Dash is idle

Hi there,

Since we upgraded to Dash 2.7 (and we tried higher versions, also) we are experiencing an error message “Out of Memory” in Chrome Browser when the Dash application is Idle for some time. It is happening randomly after between 2 to 30 minutes (approx, depending on computer) in idle state (for example focussing on other browser tabs or applications).

We have been performing memory benchmarks, and monitoring the resources with Chrome dev tools, but no changes in memory consumption or network is apparently happening. We also have confirmed that browser version, its extensions are up-to-date and cached memory has been cleared.

Our hypothesis could be:

  • Upgrade to Dash from 1.20 to 2.7.0.
  • Extensive use of memory on browser storage (but nothing was detected).
  • Issues with callbacks (but since it is happening in Idle state, we discard this also).

Is there anybody facing similar issues?

NOTE: I saw this topic Google chrome aw snap out of memory showing this page could be related but that one was using a large amount in some plot. In our app, we are using a really small data set and it raises in idle state only.

Thanks in advance,

@IvanNavarro did you manage to figure it out? We’re facing a similar issue.